There are millions of Americans, children, and adults, who wear orthodontic devices. Many people mistakenly believe that orthodontics is only for teenagers, but this is not true! Orthodontics can be effective for people of all ages. If you are an adult and have been avoiding orthodontic treatment because of myths or misconceptions, it’s time to seek help!

Here are six of the most common Orthodontics myths you should know:

You may think you can’t get braces to fix your teeth because you are not a teenager anymore. However, it is never too late to have a straighter smile that will make you feel better. Braces work by using gentle pressure to move teeth into the correct position. This principle works for people of any age, whether thirteen or fifty.

Orthodontic braces have come a long way since they were first invented. They are now smaller and more efficient and can be made from different materials that are gentle on the inside of your cheeks. If you are experiencing discomfort, your orthodontist can recommend Invisalign, which uses smooth, clear trays that don’t have any sharp edges.

If you have a mild case of malocclusion, your orthodontist will likely recommend that you wear braces for about a year. During this time, your braces will gradually adjust your teeth into their proper positions. After you have worn braces for a year, you will likely need to wear a retainer to maintain your new smile. 

If you have more severe malocclusion, you may need to wear braces for two or more years. In some cases, you may even need to wear braces for three or four years. The severity of your malocclusion will affect how long you must wear braces.

Having to wear metal braces as an adult can be daunting for some people. They may worry that it will make them look unprofessional or draw too much attention to their smile. However, there are now many options for more subtle orthodontic treatment, such as Invisalign braces, which are clear and fit snugly to your teeth, or ceramic braces, which blend in with your natural teeth.

Your orthodontist can fix your overbite without changing how you talk. They will never wire your jaw shut or make it bigger. You will be able to move and talk perfectly well without any problems.

Many different types of braces are designed to correct different dental problems. Some braces are designed to correct overcrowding, gaps, or both simultaneously. The type of braces that are right for you will depend on the specific problem that you are trying to correct. 

It is important to dispel the myths surrounding adult orthodontics. If you are an adult considering orthodontic treatment, don’t let these myths stand in your way. Talk to an orthodontist to find out if braces are right for you.

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