Early orthodontic treatment plays a vital role in ensuring the overall dental health of your child. Early detection of issues can help prevent pain, tooth loss, and other severe disorders—and the earlier treatment begins, the better! In this article, you will learn about early orthodontic treatments and why they are essential in caring for your child’s dental and overall health. 

On the first visit to an orthodontic practice, your child will be carefully evaluated to determine their current dental health and identify any needed dental work. At this time, the orthodontist will provide guidance on the best path forward to treat your child’s teeth and dental health. The conversation you have with a professional helps determine which treatment plan will be effective for your child.

We recommend that children visit a practice every six months to ensure that their teeth and dental health are in good condition.

After the initial evaluation and treatment planning, the orthodontist will provide a treatment plan to you and provide an estimate of the costs. A comprehensive treatment plan will include the treatment time frame, expectations, and price. Expect the orthodontist to recommend a toothbrush, toothpaste, and floss to help keep the teeth and gums healthy while undergoing the orthodontic treatment process.

During treatment, adult orthodontic patients typically return to a practice once a month to have their teeth adjusted and reviewed. With children’s treatment, we recommend that their parents or caregivers bring them once a month for adjustments. X-rays and a lighted magnifying device may be used to align your child’s teeth.

Once your child’s treatment is complete, you can expect them to have a beautiful smile and healthier teeth and gums. We also recommend that your child maintain a nutritious diet, brush and floss regularly, and visit an orthodontic office every six months for regular dental examinations.

In addition to the health and cosmetic benefits of using orthodontic appliances, they also provide many significant benefits such as:

  • Improving the alignment of the jaw
  • Straighter teeth
  • Better overall dental health
  • Address signs of teeth grinding
  • Relieve facial and jaw pain
  • Address lack of space for teeth to grow
  • Preventing missing some adult teeth
  • Treating sleep disorders from lack of space in the mouth
  • Reduced instances of headaches

Orthodontic treatment can help improve your child’s physical development and their ability to enjoy eating and socializing. If your child is suffering from one or more of the above-listed issues, it may be time to schedule a consultation with an orthodontic practice. Call one today to learn more about which treatments may be right for your child.

As children grow, their teeth and facial features change. Often, this transformation can result in jaw misalignment, a poor bite, and a number of other dental issues. To help your child achieve optimal health and ensure that their teeth grow and develop properly, we recommend orthodontic treatments at an early age.

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