Many are aware that coffee and red wine can stain our teeth. Although we do not avoid them altogether, we look for ways to lessen their effects. Do you know that there are particular foods that we need to avoid while wearing Invisalign?

This little discomfort is all worth it because you know that you will have a brighter and straighter smile by the end of the day. Remember that extra care is needed when you have traditional braces or Invisalign. 

You might already be recoiling at the thought of avoiding food. However, this article will help you find tasty alternatives. Let us start this tasty (yet teeth-healthy) trip: 

There are many reasons why we should be careful with what we eat. Some foods are not suitable for our teeth. Some are so acidic that they can dissolve our tooth enamel.

Your teeth start to become slightly sensitive when you have acidic foods. Although this is a natural response to acidic food, you might feel pain. At the same time, you will experience a change in the taste of your food.

Any food that we eat is made up of two components: water and non-water. The non-water portion is known as the chemicals, proteins, and minerals. These play a crucial role in developing tooth enamel. Teeth are made up of dentin, enamel, and cementum.

The enamel is the outer coating of our teeth. It is smooth and shiny. It is the hardest substance in our body and is the one that we should take care of. When we eat substances that stain the enamel, it will turn yellow, so we need to be careful with our foods.

When we eat acidic foods, we increase the level of acid in our mouths. It causes our teeth to weaken. Also, the more acidic the food, the weaker we get, and it is why we need to be careful with the acidic foods that we eat while we have Invisalign.

We have already established that we need to avoid acidic foods and should also avoid foods that are hard on our teeth. Other foods should be eaten in moderation. Here are some of the foods that you should not eat:

  • Sweets: These foods contain a lot of sugar and will not help your teeth. It is an excellent idea to avoid hard or sticky candies. They will scrape your teeth and may cause discomfort. If you want something sweet, you should look for treats that can melt on your tongue. 
  • Crunchy Foods: Crunchy foods, such as chips, corn chips, nuts, and crispy bacon, will not be suitable for your teeth. They will increase your risk of getting cavities. 

Why not try fruits and vegetables? They are not only healthy, but they can prevent cavities. 

You might be concerned about the changes that will take place in your diet when wearing Invisalign, but it is a small price to pay for a healthier and happier smile. Remember that this is just a temporary phase. 

Now that you know which foods are not suitable for your teeth, you can start updating your grocery list. However, please bear in mind that this is not a complete list. It would be prudent to ask your dentist about them.

You should let a reputable dentist in Manassas, VA install the Invisalign because it is the most important step to your dental hygiene. You should contact Solarte Orthodontics about your teeth problems. We will be more than happy to help you with it, so schedule an appointment now!