Your dental health is quite important, which is why it’s recommended to frequently see an orthodontist for the necessary treatments that will keep your smile healthy and bright. But while that is the rule, how frequently should you have a scheduled check-up with your orthodontist?

The answer depends on what kind of orthodontics treatment you’re currently facing and any ills you’re experiencing. If you require treatment, your orthodontist will usually recommend a check-up every one to three months. 

Coordinate with your dental professional to have a solid schedule lined up. For an estimate of how frequently you should see an orthodontist, continue reading to learn more.

If you’re undergoing treatment for braces or anything similar, it’s highly recommended that you see your orthodontist every four to eight months unless stated otherwise. The reason is that braces require a large amount of care for them to be in tip-top shape.

There are cases wherein your orthodontist will want to see you every month after your braces are secured, just to check for any other dental health issues. They will also evaluate the progress of your orthodontic treatment and make necessary adjustments when needed.

The timeline for Invisalign sessions after the initial meeting depends on how fast a person’s teeth adjust to the aligners. Typically, you’ll see an orthodontist every four to six weeks for adjustments and to touch base on whether you’re accustomed to wearing them.

Keep in mind that any substance or problem with the aligners that would cause bacteria to grow must be corrected. Be sure to note that your orthodontist will likely want to see you more often in the early stages of your Invisalign process in case they become too loose.

If you’re undergoing orthodontic treatment for something that isn’t related to braces or Invisalign, the recommended frequency of your check-ups will vary. If you’re having pain from your teeth, the frequency of your visits will be more than recommended to increase.

For instance, dental implants will check every month or two until the gums and teeth stabilize. Meanwhile, tooth replacements will check every three to six months for the first year. This can also depend on the orthodontist themselves.

Your orthodontist will recommend how frequently you should see them for the aftercare of their treatments. Most of them recommend a check-up at the very least every six months. They’ll evaluate how your teeth are doing and if any other dental health issues may surface. When they see how your teeth look, they can tell if there is any further treatment to be done.

If you don’t want to be anxious about the frequency of your appointments, you can be scheduled for regular or annual check-ups. These kinds of check-ups are typically recommended for those who do not have any orthodontic treatment at all. They are also highly recommended for parents who want to keep tabs and a record of their child’s dental health.

For those who are anxious about revisiting your orthodontist, it should be noted that check-ups are usually painless unless you have something that needs to be corrected. Allow them to be a safety net and let them check up on your teeth’s health.

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