Would you think we were insane if we told you that the American Association of Orthodontists recommended that a child’s first visit to the orthodontist be around the age of seven? Yes, it is correct. We agree as a top-performing orthodontics office.

Even if treatment doesn’t start until a child is seven years old, early orthodontic assessments provide a wealth of information about a child’s jaw alignment and allow your pediatric orthodontist in Manassas, VA, to assess dental development. 

Your child’s first orthodontist appointment allows a specialist to determine whether or not orthodontic treatment is required and, if so, when it is appropriate to begin treatment.

Early detection of any abnormalities can impact the severity and cost of future repairs your child may require, and having more confidence that you’re doing the best you can for your child can help you relax.

Bite and alignment issues are one method to tell if a youngster requires our assistance. These impact your child’s self-esteem and health and comfort. Early orthodontic treatment can help children avoid significant changes in their eating habits and muscular and skeletal health.

We search for abnormalities that could influence the structure and comfort of the teeth, head, and neck when performing early orthodontic assessments. Early detection of these problems can prevent uneven tooth wear and maladaptive muscling in the jaw and down the back. 

Children’s braces and a qualified family orthodontist in Manassas can significantly impact a child’s life and future health.

A kid’s early orthodontic evaluation will normally include a check to see if the youngster has:

  • Buck teeth. Are the child’s upper front teeth protruding excessively?
  • Deep bite. Are the top teeth sufficient to cover the lower teeth?
  • Crooked front teeth. Do the spacing between the upper and lower front teeth appear misaligned?
  • Crossbite. Is it possible for the higher teeth to fit into the lower teeth?
  • Crowded or overlapping teeth. Is there an insufficient or excessive amount of space between your teeth?
  • Open bite. When biting down, do only the back teeth make contact?
  • Underbite. Do the top teeth fit inside the lower teeth’s arch?

Any of these problems could turn into bigger financial headaches in the future. Not only will your pediatric orthodontist be able to anticipate any future comfort issues that may arise as your child grows, but they’ll also be able to give you an honest estimate of a timeline, and in some cases, a financial estimate, for your child’s future needs, if you have an early orthodontic evaluation.

Any misalignment of the jaw or teeth might cause structural issues in the spine, resulting in future pain or intervention. 

We can decrease difficulties with posture, irritation, and even dental decay caused by the wear away of enamel by treating any alignment anomalies before a youngster develops habits that could cause future discomfort.

Treatment may be required before the age of seven if a kid has specific difficulties related to tooth alignment. Children’s braces or pediatric orthodontics will help alleviate the severity of these issues, allowing the youngster to develop strong, healthy back, neck, and jaw muscles.

An early orthodontic evaluation helps establish whether or not your child will grow out of pain or discomfort caused by misalignment.

Your child’s orthodontist can build a game plan for future orthodontic work by detecting an early issue. A beautiful, healthy smile can impact a child’s confidence over time, eliminating the need for more costly corrective procedures down the line.

A simple problem like crowded teeth or a crossbite can keep your child from being as happy or healthy as they could be. Working with a trusted orthodontist dentists in Manassas to design a plan allows you to take control of the orthodontic procedure, laying the foundation for a lifetime of beautiful smiles. It’s never too early to impart positive habits, confidence, and comfort to your child.

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