Our concept of beauty has evolved. In Hellenistic culture, the unibrow was considered beautiful. It became unpopular and was replaced by the heavily plucked eyebrow during the Medieval era. There were other eyebrow fads until we reached the modern bold brow.

However, there is one characteristic that was consistently considered as beautiful throughout the ages. That is even teeth. Well-aligned teeth are still regarded as beautiful.

It is one of the reasons why we pay attention to our teeth. We religiously practice good oral hygiene and have an orthodontic retainer. These will ensure that you have a beautiful smile.

In this post, let us take a look at orthodontic retainers. It is fun to learn more about this essential dental device.   

The primary purpose is to hold the teeth in position. Orthodontic retainers are made of solid acrylic or stainless steel. These materials are strong enough to keep your teeth in place.  

It is a small, removable dental device worn over your teeth. It holds your teeth in position after your braces are taken off because teeth keep on moving after the braces come off.    

When you wear an orthodontic retainer, it forces the teeth to push forward into the correct position. The device is comfortable to wear. A bit of discomfort is felt during the first few days, but it goes away after a few days. You can even wear a retainer while you sleep.  

If the permanent retainer breaks, you need to visit your orthodontist immediately. The retainer will be repaired or adjusted. It will be much more comfortable if the changes are made before the retainer is worn for more than a week.

If the orthodontic retainer has been worn for longer, you will experience tooth movements because the retainer no longer holds the teeth. It happens because the tension from your tongue, lips, and cheeks becomes stronger than the force from the retainer.  

You will experience awkward tongue thrusting, cheeks bulging out, and lips pouting. You will also have pain and discomfort because there is nothing to hold your teeth in place. Your facial shape can also change with your teeth being out of place.

Once your braces are removed, wear your retainer to keep your teeth in place. You can smile confidently with your new, straight and healthy smile.

Retainers also help prevent teeth shifting, common after braces are removed. In addition, it can help reduce the friction between teeth. When there is friction, there is a possibility that teeth may shift. If you have worn braces, you know that friction between teeth is expected because the teeth are in close contact.

Retainers are an essential part of your dental treatment. You may not want to wear it, but you do it for your good.   

An orthodontic retainer is a dental device that you should always wear. After your braces are removed, your teeth will remain in place. It can prevent unwanted, painful, and embarrassing jaw pain.

If you want a brilliant smile, you should ask Solarte Orthodontics to install an orthodontic retainer. With our help, you can share your beautiful smile with the world. Schedule a consultation now!