With social media and viral videos showcasing cool DIY orthodontic treatments that promise excellent results, many individuals purchase these products in hopes of beautiful teeth. Unfortunately, the reality is that while DIY is perfect for so many things, it doesn’t apply to your teeth. In fact, DIY orthodontic solutions are incredibly dangerous, and they can cause a whole host of problems that leave individuals wishing they never tried it in the first place.

So, what makes these social media DIY orthodontic treatments so dangerous? Here’s why:

Video after video of DIY orthodontic users claims that their solution has given them better teeth, and some might even have pictures to prove it. However, those pictures don’t actually show everything. Why is this the case? Well, let us start by talking about the materials of those DIY products.

The materials that professional orthodontists use are tried and tested to perform under constant stress and to battle the environment in your mouth. In fact, this is why braces are quite expensive, as the time put into research along with the materials used costs money. Fortunately, this means that they will stay put, aligning your teeth, and you don’t have to worry about it.

How is this different from DIY orthodontic treatment? Well, these so-called DIY braces are not only super cheap, but they’re weak. They’re not designed to fight off things like bacteria and saliva, and they can break under all the stress. This, unfortunately, leads to injuries that can become life-long issues.

Now, going into the purpose of braces and other professional orthodontic treatments, the main premise of braces is that their job is to properly align the jaw and the teeth together, ensuring that there is minimal pressure placed on the teeth, jaw, and gums. Unfortunately, DIY braces such as those advertised on social media do none of that. Rather, they only straighten the teeth. While that may be your goal, this, unfortunately, does not result in a set of straight teeth you will be proud of.

Why is this the case? DIY braces force teeth to straighten and pull them together. This can weaken their position on the jawbone, resulting in damaged gums, tooth fracture, tooth loss, and even weakened jaw bone.

If you need an example of a DIY solution that has proven dangerous, here’s one: gap bands. Gap bands are one of the most dangerous of all DIY braces. They’re essentially elastics that anyone can buy at a drugstore, and people wrap them around their teeth. While these elastics are used by dentists to help with orthodontics, they aren’t used as a long-term solution. However, these DIY users don’t know, and so put them on all the time despite the pain they induce to themselves. Where does the pain come from? It comes from the root being pulled out of the jawbone, leading to a whole host of issues.

All in all, if you need orthodontic treatment, reach out to a trained professional for it. Don’t believe everything you see on the internet, and always do research if you hear about a too-good-to-be-true solution. Otherwise, you might end up in a situation far worse than if you did nothing. That said, if you are a victim of such DIY orthodontic treatments or simply need orthodontic solutions to straighten your teeth, book a visit to your dentist today! The earlier you do so, the better, as you can tackle your teeth-related issue and enjoy a better smile.

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