Orthodontist Manassas | No one relishes the idea of dealing with an emergency, but sometimes it is unavoidable. And when it happens, you will need to know how to handle the situation until you can reach your orthodontist.

When requiring the services of an emergency orthodontist Manassas residents mostly want to make sure that any pain is dealt with, and the situation is handled so that they can continue on with their treatment.

  • Broken braces
  • Loose band
  • Poking wire
  • Lost or broken retainer
  • Mouth soreness
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Typically, loose or broken braces are not considered to be an urgent problem. But you definitely want to call our orthodontist Manassas so that we can provide recommendations.

One quick fix is using some dental wax, pressing it against your tooth and a loose bracket. This should prevent it from shifting around in your mouth until you can visit us for an appointment.

Don’t panic if a band becomes loose. Give us a call and schedule an immediate appointment so that we can re-bond the loose band. The reason that this particular situation requires immediate attention is that it can create an opportunity for plaque to form and for the enamel to become damaged due to a breaking of the seal.

To deal with a poking wire, apply some dental wax to it. This will blunt the sharp edge of the wire so that it doesn’t damage your inner cheeks and the soft tissues in your mouth. If this doesn’t work, contact us right away so that we can take care of it. Orthodontist Manassas.

Whether this qualifies as an orthodontic emergency or not depends upon the current stage of your treatment process. If your braces were just recently removed, the loss of a retainer could lead to teeth shifting back into their former positions. Call us so that we can replace your lost or broken retainer right away.

If your braces have been off for a while, your teeth should be in a more stable position. So having your retainer immediately replaced is not such a priority at orthodontist Manassas.

After first getting your braces, it’s not unusual to have some general mouth soreness. Your teeth may also be tender and sensitive when you bite down. This should begin fading within one week.

It is also common to experience some irritation in the area of the cheeks, lips and tongue. These locations may be in contact with your braces. This constant contact will eventually cause the tissues to thicken and become more resistant, leading to less discomfort in time.

If you have any additional questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to reach out to our orthodontist Manassas office at (703) 880-7261  so that we can provide recommendations or schedule an appointment if necessary.