Why do you need a consultation before undergoing any orthodontic procedure? An appointment with an orthodontist, a dentist with specialized training in orthodontic treatments, is known as an orthodontic consultation. It is a wonderful chance for the patient to learn more about the orthodontist and all of their available options. 

Additionally, customers may determine if the dentist, the office, and the entire dental staff make them feel at ease. Patients are typically not required to make a decision on the day of the session, and consultations are typically free.

In the sections below, learn more about what to expect from a typical orthodontic consultation.

The following actions are usually involved in an orthodontic consultation:

  • Health and dental review
  • Oral exam
  • X-ray
  • Treatment plan
  • Detailed cost breakdown
  • Treatment schedule
  • Insurance-related factors
  • Potential payment plans and financing options

If an x-ray is required, the orthodontist will often take a complete scan of the mouth using a digital x-ray machine. It will just take a minute or so to complete this process. 

Patients should not anticipate undergoing any other type of operation during the orthodontic consultation than an x-ray scan. Additionally, it is not yet necessary to obtain dental imprints.

The initial appointment typically lasts between 30 and 60 minutes. Following the consultation, patients should spend as much time as necessary to reflect on all the topics that were covered. 

Orthodontic care requires a significant time and financial commitment. Repeated trips to the dentist are necessary, followed by frequent examinations while the condition is being treated.

A visit will be made for the patient if they choose to proceed with a particular course of treatment, at which time impressions of their mouth will be taken. 

The final appointment, during which the orthodontic device of choice will be positioned, comes next. This last visit will take between an hour and two to complete.

The patient should thoroughly understand all available orthodontic solutions following an orthodontic consultation.

Metal braces: Conventional metal braces are the sort of braces most people use today. They are also the least expensive and most conspicuous. If the patient proceeds with the therapy, there is no need to wait for traditional metal braces. Once the patient has decided, treatment can start right away.

Clear braces: Many patients are worried about the ugly appearance of traditional metal braces, which has led to the development of less obvious options like clear or ceramic braces that mimic the color of the teeth. 

Although they cost more than the standard metal option, since they also use brackets, they move teeth more quickly than aligners.

Invisalign: Invisalign clear aligners are a recent innovation in the orthodontics industry. Several plastic aligners created to order are used in the procedure to move teeth into the desired position gradually. 

Each set is intended to be worn for approximately two weeks before being replaced with an aligner. This is a fantastic solution for people who are worried about how wearing braces may look, but it is also quite constrained and unable to address serious tooth issues. 

Additionally, it is now the most expensive orthodontic option. Following a patient’s decision to proceed with Invisalign, a diagnostic consultation will be scheduled, during which your orthodontist will take impressions to create the aligners.

There are essentially no dangers associated with an orthodontic consultation because no operation will be performed. 

There will be some radiation exposure if the patient has an X-ray scan, but x-rays are regarded as a safe standard diagnostic practice in both the dental and medical industries. However, pregnant women shouldn’t often get x-ray imaging.

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