A common question that many parents ask themselves is this: when should my children get braces? Well, that answer is generally the age at 7, when dental concerns are most obvious and that the orthodontist can work on them. But of course, this doesn’t mean your children cannot get it anymore if they’re too old. In fact, essentially anyone at any age can get braces, but it is just easier for younger individuals to correct their dental problems.

Either way, at the age of 7, you should be paying attention to your child’s oral health, specifically looking for orthodontic problems, to know when to get them braces. Here are some of the problems you should be looking for:

If your child has an issue with chewing or biting, it may be a sign that their teeth are not in the right place and should be checked by an orthodontist. If your child has a problem with the spacing of their teeth, they will not be able to bite properly and will have a difficult time chewing their food.

If your child has crowded teeth or missing teeth, it is a sign that your child has a dental problem that could be fixed through orthodontic treatment. Crowded teeth, in particular, can cause problems with chewing and can lead to various other dental problems.

Protruding teeth are common in young children, and they can lead to serious issues with tooth decay. The main reason is that the teeth are still in their baby molars, and they could become more exposed to germs that can potentially cause cavities. The orthodontist will suggest orthodontic treatment to help your child to keep their teeth in place and won’t need to worry about tooth decay due to their teeth being exposed.

Mouth breathing is common in teenagers, but for younger children, it may be a sign that the upper jaw is too small or the lower jaw is slightly too small. This can be corrected through orthodontic treatment by making sure that the upper and lower jaw don’t have a problem with the size.

An open bite is when a person has a gap between their upper and lower teeth. This is one of the most common types of orthodontic problems and is always treated with braces. This is always handled with braces because the teeth cannot be moved by another method.

A wry smile is when the person has a crooked or twisted smile. This is a signal that the person has a dental problem that could lead to many other orthodontic problems. The wry smile shouldn’t be handled with orthodontic treatment, as it can lead to other issues.

If you have a child who has one or more of these problems that we’ve talked about so far, they should get braces. It will ensure that they have a beautiful smile, perfectly aligned teeth, and no worry about any other dental problems in the future. And of course, if you are unsure as to whether your child needs braces, always feel free to work with an orthodontist to check for problems!

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