While it might be difficult to self-diagnose the need for orthodontic treatment, the following symptoms are reliable indicators you should seek orthodontic treatment. 

  • It’s time to check how well your jaw is set. (If you need to, use a mirror.) Do you experience any off-center jaw movement when biting down? Is the jaw off, or does it seem to be moving around? If there is a bone problem, orthodontic treatment should begin immediately.
  • Check out your teeth by opening your mouth wide. Do any teeth appear to be crooked, missing, or overlapping?
  • Bite fully, but keep your lips apart so that people may see your teeth. Do the upper teeth stick out farther than the lower ones? Are more than half of your bottom teeth hidden by your upper front teeth? Where do your upper teeth sit with your lower ones?

These are just a few more visible signs that it might be time to see an orthodontist, but even perfectly straight teeth might benefit from orthodontic treatment so they can perform better. Get in touch with us at no cost for an introductory consultation.

If you’re having orthodontic issues, you’ll find brief descriptions and explanations of the most frequent ones below.

Generalized spacing, like crowding, may be caused by a size disparity between the teeth and the jaws. Exposed gum tissue or protruding front teeth are two potential causes of localized spacing. In addition, missing or impacted teeth and unusually narrow teeth can play a role. 

When someone has a deep bite, their upper front teeth cover most or even all of their lower front teeth. In severe situations, the lower front teeth may strike the palate and cause damage to the gums. Untreated, deep bites frequently lead to excessive wear on the front teeth. Gummy smiles and jaw soreness are other potential side effects of taking a big bite.

There is a margin between the upper and lower teeth with an open bite. This issue could affect either the upper or lower jaw or both. An open bite could be brought on by several factors, including a thrust of the tongue, difficulties in communicating, allergies, or difficulty breathing. When teeth aren’t able to seal entirely because of an open bite, it might be challenging to close the mouth and consume. 

Overbite results from misalignment between the upper and lower jaws, leading to the higher teeth covering the lower teeth. Overbites can occur for several reasons, including an overly big upper jaw, a small lower jaw, a crowded upper dental arch, or a combination of these. A Class II issue, according to orthodontists. This type of jaw development is often hereditary but can be exacerbated by behaviors like thumb-sucking.

When the jaw is too small with the size of the teeth, the teeth shift and crowd together. Crowding increases the risk of gum disease and tooth decay because of the inconvenience of cleaning between the teeth.

When more than one of the upper teeth bite down on the inside of the lower teeth, this is called a crossbite. This might affect the mouth’s top, bottom, or sides. Treating crossbite as soon as possible is strongly advised. 

When a person bites down, the lower teeth should not overlap the upper teeth, but this does not always happen, leading to an underbite, which is frequently inherited. Both the upper and lower jaws may be improperly sized. 

Impacted teeth are teeth whose normal eruption has been impeded. It’s not just wisdom teeth that can get impacted, but also canines and premolars. A tooth can be somewhat impacted and just starting to erupt, or it can be fully impacted and show no outward indications of erupting.

Over a few months, orthodontic treatment can gradually expose the impacted tooth and move it into place. Occasionally, an oral surgeon who works closely with our clinic may need to conduct a minor surgical procedure to correct an impacted tooth.

If you have any telltale signs mentioned in this article, you may need orthodontic treatment. It is best to discuss with an orthodontist to get a professional opinion. If you think you may need orthodontic treatment, don’t hesitate to contact an orthodontist today.

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