Getting braces off after wearing them for years seems like a relief. However, the journey to having perfect teeth does not end after the brackets come off. It is only the beginning of a new era where the patients would have to sport retainers to maintain the alignment established by the braces. Depending on the case, patients can have removable or permanent retainers. 

However, every patient may differ in how long they would have to wear the retainers after wearing braces. For removable retainers, patients should wear them for four months straight, while permanent retainers should stay on before and after meals. But what are the benefits of keeping retainers even after wearing braces for a few years? Here are some ideas.

Retainers are clear plastic trays that are worn inside the mouth. They are held in place by the teeth and tongue to keep the teeth in place. They are often removed during meals as they can impede food from getting into the mouth. But why should people keep them on? Here are some ideas.

The complete process of orthodontics is about aligning teeth to work in harmony with each other. Bad alignment may cause difficulties in chewing and talking, making the smile less beautiful. But retainers can help maintain the alignment created by the braces. With time, the teeth may shift or change depending on the intensity of the bite. Retainers can ensure that these changes are kept at a minimum.

Teeth grinding, known as bruxism, is quite common among adults. Those who grind their teeth regularly may have problems with gum inflammation, tooth decay, and broken teeth. Braces can help correct misalignment problems, which may cause tooth grinding. However, the risk of teeth grinding increases after the brackets come off. Wearing retainers can help reduce teeth grinding by protecting them from breaking.

Periodontal disease is the leading cause of tooth loss. It is caused by bacteria embedding in the pockets between the teeth and the gums. The bacteria buildup may soon cause tooth decay, gum inflammation, and tooth loss.

Some patients may experience minimal symptoms for a few years before it becomes a problem. But wearing retainers can help prevent periodontal disease from occurring. It can hold the teeth in place and avoid gum inflammation, tooth decay, and tooth loss. Thus, it can be a good idea.

Braces may not only be suitable for aligning teeth but also for the gums. But retaining the teeth in their position can help reduce the intensity of the bite. Retainers can keep the teeth from grinding against each other, which can cause the gums to wear away and become thinner. Wearing retainers can prevent this from happening.

It is a good idea with the many benefits of keeping the retainers on. Some people might think they should take off their retainers after wearing braces. But it is quite the opposite, and they should keep them on as it can benefit dental, oral, and overall health.

Getting braces is just the beginning of the orthodontic journey. However, it is essential to keep the teeth aligned even after the braces come off. Wearing retainers can help maintain the perfectly aligned teeth gained from the braces. However, it is best to consult with a dentist before deciding to continue wearing the retainers after the braces.

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