We know that getting braces is the first step to having a beautiful smile. But did you know that occasionally, orthodontists need to use spacers for braces to prepare your teeth before the treatment? 

Your teeth are moved apart by the placement of orthodontic spacers between them.

These spacers can be constructed of rubber or metal. They resemble little rubber donuts that have been put between teeth to force them apart. This makes it possible for orthodontists to insert bands between teeth.

The orthodontist places the braces in the space where the orthodontic spacers have been. 

Teeth separators can be put in place without much difficulty. This can be done during a typical appointment with your orthodontist. First, with the aid of dental floss, separators in the form of elastic rings are put between the teeth. After that, the floss is taken out.

To separate teeth and molars, the orthodontic separators stay in place. They help treat various dental conditions and serve as spacers for braces. Ectopic teeth and molar displacement can both be treated using orthodontic spacers.

Under typical circumstances, you will only need to wear spacers for seven to ten days. However, if necessary, your orthodontist won’t remove them until after finishing your orthodontic treatment.

During this time, your rubber orthodontic separators may be switched out for metal ones. Additionally, their location can be slightly altered to accommodate continuous braces therapy.

The patient’s pain threshold determines how painful inserting separators will be. Certain persons can feel extreme pain. On the other hand, some people merely experience slight discomfort. However, during fitting, there is a specific amount of pressure used. Jaw discomfort or pain may result from it.

Your orthodontic separators will need to make extra room for the braces if your molars are really close together and tight. This may be the factor that hurts you more than others. Each patient experiences pain differently and for varying lengths of time.

When using spacers, you can continue brushing as usual. However, refrain from eating anything sticky or hard. You may also need to temporarily stop flossing to prevent spacers from slipping out.

A positive indicator is when orthodontic spacers fall out on their own. It denotes that their work is finished. You may now put on braces since there is ample room between your teeth or molars.

If spacers fall out due to external factors, however, it can be worrisome. It’s not beneficial for your dental health if you remove them by pushing them out or with a toothpick. Your next orthodontic visit may be challenging if this occurs. The fitting of braces will be challenging if spacers prematurely fall out.

Therefore, call your dentist immediately if your orthodontic spacers come out as a result of your action rather than on their own.

The first treatment you require for your ideal smile and the correct alignment of your bite is orthodontic spacers. Therefore, it goes without saying that you should exercise caution when adhering to all of your orthodontist’s recommendations. Additionally, they usually only last a week.

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