After many months of wearing your braces and visiting the dentist for quick adjustments, you may be thinking that the journey is over, but keeping nice-looking teeth is an ongoing process. There is still a crucial step to determine if your newly realigned teeth will stay like that for a long time. You’ll have to wear retainers.

When you have braces, your doctor will make an impression on your teeth. The orthodontist will make a mold of your mouth and send it to a dental lab. A dental lab can create a retainer that is a perfect copy of your teeth. Retainers are devices that may fit over your teeth and help hold them in place. It can help your teeth to be in the proper position.

Wearing a retainer will help keep your teeth in the right place. Your retainer is made to fit your mouth perfectly. It helps prevent misalignment, and it could help keep you from going back to have braces put on again.

Furthermore, it helps stabilize your new bite. It can also help keep your jaw from moving the wrong way, which may prevent jaw pain.

You should wear a retainer as much as possible or as long as your dentist would advise. It will help keep your teeth in the correct position. The more often the retainer is worn, the more effective it is.

If you are wearing your permanent retainers, you should never take them out of your mouth. They will not hold your teeth in place when you take them out. To help your retainers to fit comfortably, you should wear the retainer whenever you are not eating or brushing your teeth.

Retainers may be in your mouth for 12 to 15 hours. If you choose not to wear your retainer and stop wearing it, you can risk your teeth moving back to their original position. The longer that you wear your retainer, the better. It can help to maintain your new bite.

  • Removable Retainers: Some people can wear a removable retainer, which is a device that can be placed in your mouth. Removable retainers are often made of clear plastic or gum material. They can also be made of metal, ceramic, or a combination of materials.
  • Fixed Retainers: Fixed retainers are more discreet and harder to notice, and they’re glued to your teeth. Your orthodontist may recommend them if you’re having trouble using removable retainers.
  • The Size and Fit of the Retainer: To prevent your teeth from moving back to their original position, you must wear your retainer as often as possible.
  • The Material Used to Make Your Retainer: Will it stay in your mouth? You should feel comfortable and confident that the retainer will remain in your mouth while wearing it. Will it protect your teeth? Your retainer should be able to protect your teeth from any injury.

Retainers are essential to help you to maintain your straightened teeth. It is an important next step for a reason. You need to wear your retainer every time you are not chewing food to protect your teeth. More importantly, you need to listen to what your dentist would recommend since they know the best thing for your teeth.

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