Braces Herndon | Nothing is more annoying than having crooked or misaligned teeth that have a negative impact on your appearance. Fortunately, we live in an era where there are more choices available than ever before for straightening teeth to enhance the appearance of your teeth and smile. We want to take a closer look at traditional braces as one part of the picture.

When it comes to braces Herndon residents deserve the very best information available to help them make the correct decision about their treatment.


Traditional braces have not always enjoyed the best reputation, but they were once the only method for straightening teeth. They were very bulky, and oh so noticeable. Also, the metal wires and brackets tended to be very uncomfortable, sometimes brushing up against the gums and tongue.

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Like any type of technology, traditional metal braces have undergone significant advances in recent years, making them an even better treatment option that they were before. Traditional braces were always highly effective at straightening teeth. For most people, the downside was the significant discomfort involved and the fact that you are advertising your treatment to everyone every time you open your mouth. So if you share some of these beliefs, now is the time to reconsider and explore modern braces.

Advantages of Traditional Braces

In comparison to alternative orthodontic techniques, traditional braces can help with issues like:

  • Vertical alignment
  • Severely deep bites
  • Severe crowding
  • Cross bites
  • Extreme overbites or underbites


Although traditional braces make a great treatment choice for most patients, they are not for everyone.

Some potential disadvantages include:

  • Although traditional braces have become slimmer, they are still quite noticeable.
  • Not as comfortable as other treatment options

What are traditional braces?

Traditional braces are a proven method for aligning teeth using metal brackets that are affixed to the teeth and connected using a metal wire that is anchored by elastic bands. Braces use pressure to gradually shift your teeth into their ideal alignment.

Traditional braces are more comfortable and smaller than in years past due to recent technological advancements. Today’s braces are made of titanium metal mixed with stainless steel so that they can withstand the forces involved with the teeth.

If you want to improve your smile, traditional braces have helped millions of people correct their crooked teeth, misaligned bites and jaw issues. Braces enhance your oral health and can even guard against future dental problems.

Are traditional braces right for me?

Traditional braces are most appropriate for those with severe misalignments. They are able to correct a large number of orthodontic problems like crowded teeth.

Ultimately, the only way to know for sure if you would make a good candidate for therapy with traditional braces is to take part in a consultation with your orthodontist. So be sure to reach out to their office today and book a consultation for yourself as the first step in enhancing the appearance of your teeth and smile.