Caring For Your Braces

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Protect your smile by properly caring for your braces. This includes eating and cleaning habits for children and adults. Learn more below and contact us for more information.

There are certain foods to avoid as they are known to cause damage to your braces. Below is a list of common foods you should refrain from eating during treatment.

  • Chewy foods such as bagels and starburst candies
  • Crunchy foods such as popcorn, potato and tortilla chips
  • Sticky foods such as chewing gum and caramel
  • Hard foods such as nuts, whole apples, carrots, corn on the cob

There are plenty of options that you can enjoy, like the following options.

  • Soft Dairy Products – cheese, milk, pudding
  • Bread and Grains – pasta, rice, pancakes, muffins (avoid nuts), and tortilla wraps
  • Meat and Poultry – non-chewy and in small pieces
  • Seafood – soft options like tuna and salmon
  • Vegetables – prepare veggies so that they are soft to eat
  • Fruits – bananas and applesauce
  • Desserts – soft options without nuts

It’s common for patients to experience discomfort after getting their braces. Usually, patients feel teeth and gum soreness. The discomfort does subside after a few days as your teeth begin to adjust to the braces. You can mix a teaspoon of salt into 8oz of warm water. Gently rinse your mouth and repeat if necessary. Over-the-counter pain relievers can help as well.

Patients may also notice irritation of the inner cheeks, tongue, and lips. You can use relief wax to place over the braces. Soon enough, your mouth will be accustomed to the braces and the discomfort will go away.

Loose teeth are normal during the beginning of treatment. This is how the braces are able to realign the teeth into their ideal positions. Once positioned, the teeth are no longer loose.

Any damage to your braces should be addressed right away. Temporary fixes can be done depending on the situation. For instance, a loose wire can be put back into place using a clean cotton swab or pencil eraser. If the wire is causing irritation, use relief wax. More information can also be found here.

Be sure to care and wear your orthodontic appliances as prescribed. These appliances are part of your successful treatment. Should they become damaged or misplaced, contact us right away.

Adults and children can play sports with braces. Let us know so that we may recommend the best protective mouthguard for your orthodontic treatment. And just like with any other situation, should your braces become damaged, contact us right away.

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