Although true orthodontic emergencies are rare, these therapies do involve an adjustment period. Once your appliances are fitted, it is common to experience some degree of soreness for a while until your teeth, mouth and gums adapt.

As with any type of dental emergency, emergencies involving orthodontics will require evaluation by your dentist or orthodontist to help protect your teeth, gums, and the structures within your mouth.

Any type of orthodontic emergency means that medical care is required urgently. If you are unable to visit with your regular dentist, you should visit an emergency room. Some major orthodontic emergencies include:

  • Trauma or injury to the teeth, mouth or face
  • Severe pain related to appliances
  • Face, gums, or mouth swelling, indicating an infection

In short, these types of issues require urgent medical attention. Contact your dentist, who has the required diagnostic tools and anesthetics to deal with fractured or injured teeth. If they are not available, contact an emergency dentist or your local emergency room.

Orthodontist Herndon Common Orthodontic Emergencies

Dealing with loose brackets and wires that poke can be very frustrating and irritating. Moreover, anytime you notice that your wires or brackets are out of place, contact your orthodontist for repair. It could be orthodontic emergencies.

After your appliances are fitted, it is not unusual for teeth to be tender and to experience some overall soreness in your mouth. This normally fades within a week after the placement of the appliances.

For example, eat soft foods for the first few days after your appliances are fitted. If your gums are sore or irritated, you can rinse your mouth with warm salt water. Furthermore, stronger discomfort or pain may require an over-the-counter pain reliever.

It is not unusual to lose a separator during orthodontic treatment. Many times, replacement is not necessary. Therefore, check with your orthodontist to learn if you require a replacement. 

Any uncomfortable feeling should fade within a few days or so, as your mouth and gums adjust to your Invisalign aligners.

There are no metal wires or brackets involved with the Invisalign system; however, problems can still occur. If you have slipped up and kept your aligners in place when you are drinking dark-colored beverages like coffee, you may find that your clear aligners become stained. Contact your dentist or orthodontist at this time. 

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