As we’ll read later in this article, many children experience dental problems as they grow up — particularly tooth and jaw alignment. If their parents don’t take care of them early on, those issues can lead to severe consequences. Let’s look at the most common dental problems in children and suggest how to handle each of them with the help of an orthodontist in Manassas, VA.

Before we continue, an orthodontist is a dentist specializing in aligning a patient’s teeth and jaw. They are the experts to consult with when addressing the following dental problems:

The Center for Pediatric Dentistry (CPD) reports that one of the most prevalent dental issues in children is tooth decay, with over 40 percent losing their baby teeth to cavities by the time they reach kindergarten. Tooth decay occurs when the bacteria in children’s mouths feed on leftover food particles, producing acids that attack tooth enamel, causing cavities. 

Thus, parents should take care of their children’s teeth by limiting the sugary food and beverages children eat, brushing twice a day, and flossing daily. Until children can hold and control a toothbrush on their own, parents should supervise and assist them in brushing their teeth. Parents can also consult an orthodontist for the correct brushing technique until children can independently hold and control a toothbrush. This helps avoid early tooth decay and misalignment of the teeth and jaw.

Also known as bruxism, teeth grinding usually happens when someone is sleeping or stressed. Grinding can damage their pearly whites, leading to fractures or fissures on the enamel. Children may experience tooth pain while chewing or feel tired after waking up in the morning. If this is the case, parents should schedule an appointment with an orthodontist if they notice any of these symptoms.

Another common problem in children is oral trauma, which may happen due to any of these playtime incidents:

  • A child falls off a slide and hits the front of their face on the ground.
  • The child is involved in a collision with another person. 
  • Any other accident that injures the child’s face, jaw, or teeth.

These traumatic injuries can lead to chipped teeth, other dental damage, jaw injuries, or dental emergencies. Parents should always look for any signs of dental wear after a traumatic incident, and if their child’s teeth are broken or damaged, they should schedule an appointment with a dentist for kids right away.

Abscesses are a collection of pus that develops in an infected area. This occurs mainly underneath the gum but can also affect a tooth. Cavities or improper dental work lead to this condition, which results in swelling, tenderness of the gums, fever, pain in the surrounding gum area, or facial swelling. If parents notice a child exhibiting any of these symptoms, they should schedule an appointment as soon as possible.

As your child’s permanent adult teeth grow in, you may notice that their adult teeth are in the way and overlap one another. This is known as crowding. In some cases, teeth may have larger-than-normal gaps between them — a condition known as spacing. To help resolve this issue, you should take your child to see a dentist with orthodontics experience. They will recommend the best treatment method for your child, including braces.

If (or when) your child suffers from one or more of these problems, book an appointment with an orthodontist right away. These dental experts can diagnose and resolve the problem since they address the alignment of the oral cavity. Sometimes, they may prescribe devices such as braces or Invisalign trainers to help or educate your family on how to protect your child’s teeth best as they mature into adulthood.

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