Family Orthodontic Services Herndon | Having orthodontic services available for all members of your family is an incredible convenience that allows you to have all of your dental records housed under one roof.

When it comes to family orthodontic services Herndon residents demand the very best standard of care for themselves and their loved ones. Here is a look at some common family orthodontic services that you are your family may need at some point

Moreover, this treatment will make your upper jaw wider by placing gentle pressure on the upper molars after each adjustment of the device. Family orthodontic services Herndon.

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Your orthodontist will be providing instructions as to when and how you need to be adjusting your expander. After you have achieved your treatment goals, you will continue to wear the expander for a few additional months. This locks in the expansion and helps prevent any regression.

Traditional metal braces never went away. Although some adults have unpleasant memories of wearing them, braces have undergone some improvements over the years that make them more comfortable and less obtrusive.

In addition, his system utilizes metal wires and brackets that allow your teeth to be effectively straightened over time. You can even use colored bands with the system that allow you to express your individuality.

For many people, the main drawback to traditional metal braces is the fact that certain food restrictions are in place. You will need to avoid eating hard and sticky foods that could damage your appliances or stick to them.

Some people also dislike the fact that traditional braces are completely fixed within the mouth, unlike relatively new treatments like Invisalign. The only person who can remove your braces is your orthodontist.

Moreover, most people have heard of Invisalign by now, since the orthodontic system has been around for over two decades. But what is Invisalign really?

In short, Invisalign is an orthodontic system that relies upon the use of plastic aligners to shift your teeth into their desired positions. It allows you to straighten your teeth and improve your smile in a very discreet way. Through the use of its innovative clear aligners. Family orthodontic services Herndon

  • More comfortable than traditional braces; the aligners are smooth and custom fitted
  • Virtually undetectable to others
  • No food restrictions required

While being treated with Invisalign. You or your family member will be periodically swapping out your current set of aligners for new ones, continually shifting your teeth into their proper positions.

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