Getting your braces can be great as it means straightening any misalignments in your teeth. It’s a huge relief to get them off, but it’s important to note that they may not stay like that forever. There’s a risk that your teeth can move back to their previous positioning, which can undo quite a lot of your hard work in enduring the braces.

If you have this concern, get in touch with an orthodontist. They will help you out by designing a blueprint plan to help keep your teeth in their proper place with an orthodontic retainer. Continue reading to learn more about it and how you can care for this handy tool.

As you might have guessed, orthodontic retainers are used to keep your teeth set in the proper place after wearing braces. These retainers are typically made from wireframe and acrylic, which are then bonded to your teeth.

This device is an accessory for your teeth, so you can leave it on the whole day, except when eating and brushing. By taking care of it, you can have a better chance of it lasting for years and help keep your straight teeth.

The two main types of orthodontic retainers that you can get are fixed and removable retainers. The former is the usual type of retainers that would use metal wires, taking on the same shape as your braces to ensure straight alignment.

Meanwhile, removable retainers are easier to wear since you can wear them whenever you feel like it. However, the downside of this retainer type is that it can move around a bit in the mouth or come off quite easily, even when you don’t intend to take it out.

Taking care of your retainer is as vital as taking care of your teeth. Without the right care, bacteria and food particles might build up inside the device, causing complications to your teeth. Here are some tips to keep in mind:

  • Brush Gently with a Mild Toothpaste. Try to brush at least twice daily, making sure to brush away any food particles that have gotten stuck on them. Use special toothpaste that is designed to be less abrasive.
  • Soak In Denture Cleaning Solution. Be sure to soak the orthodontic retainer in a denture cleaning solution. This will help dissolve any food particles and preserve the condition of your retainers for the course of their use.
  • Use an Oral Rinse. An oral rinse is essential to use when you’re using retainers, especially after every brushing session that follows your meals. The rinse will help rinse away food particles and keep your mouth clean.
  • Visit Your Dentist Regularly. Schedule visits to your orthodontist for regular check-ups and dental treatments. This will ensure that your teeth remain in position, prevent any diseases from developing, and keep your retainers effective.

Maintaining your orthodontic retainers is very important. You need to care for them, so they will be in good condition to use. If you don’t, then bacteria and food particles might build up in the retainers, which could affect your teeth in the long run.

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