Orthodontic Retainers | Having your braces removed and finally completing your orthodontic therapy can be a huge relief. You are probably anticipating showing off your new smile and, in the case of traditional metal braces, having all that hardware removed.

Even though things will be more normal from here, you will still need to wear a retainer for awhile. This helps your teeth remain in their desired positions after your treatment ends. So unless you want to find yourself searching online for “dentist near me,” for unnecessary treatment, you’ll need some information on how to wear and care for your Orthodontic Retainers.

Wearing an Orthodontic Retainers is a normal part of orthodontics for preventing your teeth from shifting back into their pre-treatment positions after the removal of your braces. Most patients wear retainers at night. However, others may need to wear them all day.

Orthodontist Herndon Orthodontic Retainers

There are a few different types of Orthodontic Retainers that will be discussed with you at some point during or after your treatment. Metal is a common material that retainers are made from. They typically involves some thin wires and brackets fitting over one tooth in one section of your mouth. Although they are removable when needed, they are still fairly noticeable when you wear them, although not as obvious as metal braces.

Other patients receive clear plastic retainers that are molded to fit their individual teeth and gums to prevent undesirable teeth shifting. Since they are made of clear plastic, they are not as noticeable as the metal type, making them desirable for patients who must wear their retainers during the day and night.

It’s important to care for your Orthodontic Retainers properly. Protect your retainer from stains, discoloration, and becoming unhygienic.

Soak your retainer in a cleaner each day. If you are wearing conventional wired retainers, you can soak them in denture cleaner, then rinse and brush them. By cleaning your retainers, you are ensuring that they remain free of stains and bacterial contamination.

Rinse your Orthodontic Retainers under warm water before brushing your teeth. Then you can replace the retainer into your mouth. If you cannot brush your teeth before you replace your retainer, try to at least rinse your mouth with water.

Your orthodontist may recommend that you wear a retainer for a certain period each day.

Be sure to carefully follow all of the instructions regarding your Orthodontic Retainers. It only takes one or two days without wearing your retainers before your teeth can start shifting. Prevent teeth shifting by wearing your retainer.

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