Orthodontists in Herndon | It’s a safe bet that learning that you need braces was not the top item on your Christmas wish list. Now that you know, you’ll probably have a bunch of questions, including how long your treatment will take.

So read on to learn about braces and how long it will take before you can show off your new smile, according to Orthodontists in Herndon.

 The short answer? It depends. There are so many individual factors that go into determining the length of treatment time for a given patient that it’s difficult to generalize. But Orthodontists in Herndon can narrow it down to three main factors that help provide an estimate of treatment time before you get that stellar smile!

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Younger people often achieve faster results than adults. Studies have found that the earlier a patient wears braces, the faster their treatment will conclude.

If you come in needing only a few minor adjustments, your treatment will go faster. The more that your teeth need to shift, the longer your treatment will take. Your Orthodontists in Herndon will best advise.

If you have serious problems, you’ll probably need traditional metal braces, meaning that it may take a bit longer than you would like to achieve the results that you are after. If your issues are more mild, other types of braces may be more appropriate, requiring less time to achieve results. 

This is the type of braces that most people think of when they think of orthodontic treatment. Metal braces have been around for many years and have undergone some recent innovations that make them less obvious and more comfortable.

Traditional braces involve the use of brackets attached to the teeth with metal wires running through them. Periodically, your Orthodontists in Herndon will be tightening the wires so that your teeth gradually align.

Clear braces like Invisalign are a treatment option for patients of all ages. They function just like traditional metal braces, but involve the use of clear, virtually invisible, plastic aligners that fit over the teeth to shift them over time.

The time that it takes for braces to work their magic can range anywhere from one to three years. In the case of metal braces, which are stronger, they tend to lead to faster completion times than other types of braces, all things considered.

Sometimes, we are put in difficult situations so that we can grow and shine later. This is exactly how things work when it comes to orthodontic treatment. Although no one ever wants to wear braces, it helps to think of the eventual result. Braces have an extremely high satisfaction rate. When you finally get your braces removed and see the result, you’ll be glad that you stuck with it and have achieved a lifetime with an incredible smile.

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