One of the most popular orthodontic procedures is the braces. How long the patients should wear them depends on their condition. For some, it can last for four years, while others may have it on for only a year. However, there are instances where the duration of keeping the braces on is due to personal and circumstantial reasons. Here are the top reasons people may wear braces for a longer time.

The orthodontist schedules regular check-ups to ensure that all the braces are set in the right place and the treatment is going on smoothly. It may require the patients to come in once or twice a month. While they may be willing to come in at first, they may inevitably miss some appointments due to school, work, or personal reasons.

It takes more time for the treatment to be done when this happens. Also, the more time a person is away from the doctor, the more the teeth may shift back to their original position. When this happens, the person will be required to wear the braces for a longer duration to ensure that their teeth are correctly aligned.

One of the essential parts of wearing braces is to ensure that the teeth are kept clean. It will help avoid the buildup of bacteria, food, and other particles that may cause an infection in the teeth. One of the most effective methods of minimizing these issues is to brush and floss the teeth regularly, at least twice a day. However, this is not always possible due to the patients’ busy schedules.

The longer the patients wear the braces, the more possibility of food and bacteria buildup. It can cause further damage to the teeth and gums, which will require that they wear the braces for a longer duration. They may have to undergo more procedures to regulate their teeth when this happens.

There are times when the patients may be dissatisfied with the way their teeth and braces are going. It can result in switching doctors to find someone who can provide them with the guidance they need. Such a person may have different methods or techniques that may result in a long time wearing the braces.

It can also happen when the first orthodontist cannot finish the treatment with the right results. It can lead to looking for a second opinion and switching to another doctor who can provide better treatment. The sooner they have it done, the better the results they can have.

Another reason a person may need to wear braces for a longer duration is sudden body changes. For example, if a person goes through puberty, their bodies may undergo sudden changes in the facial and mouth regions. Additional procedures may be necessary to fit their face and mouth, resulting in more time wearing the braces.

One of the most common reasons people wear braces for a longer duration is that their teeth are still setting. It means that the roots of the teeth are still soft and are not set yet. It can result in small teeth that may require adjustments to make them appear even.

The best part about this is that many orthodontists can adjust the braces without removing them. It may result in less time wearing the braces, depending on how long the roots need to set. It may also result in having excess spaces that need to be filled.

There are many reasons why a person may need to wear braces for a longer time than they initially expected. While this may be disappointing, it can be beneficial in its way. It can help fix many issues that the patient is having, which may be caused by factors aside from the orthodontic treatment.

It can also be a great time to recognize common issues that the patient may have while undergoing the treatment. It may also be an excellent time to develop healthy practices that will benefit the patient’s teeth even after the treatment is over.

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